We love working with our clients and supporters and here are some of the things they say about us.

I’m very happy to support the work of 6ft from the Spotlight, and heartened by their collaboration with Bectu / CULT Cymru. Working together we can take better care of our crews and cast and support our industry to create a positive working culture where everyone feels included and can thrive.

Michael Sheen, Actor

WellBeing Facilitator BFI Pilot

Our goal is that this role becomes normalised across industry, because a positive and safe working environment is essential in order to retain our existing talented workforce and to attract new people to the sector.

Jennifer Smith, Head of Inclusion, BFI

WellBeing Facilitator Cult Cymru Pilot

We’re on an exciting journey with 6ft from developing a WellBeing Facilitator pilot for Wales’s Screen Sector. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience working with Michelle, Matt and Leo who share our vision of a screen industry that is fair, inclusive and safe for the workforce.

Sian Gale, Bectu/CULT Cymru

Sustainable Resilience Training

A participant said she has done a few Mental Health Courses and this was by far the best one. She said she has never anything resonate with her so much before and she was nearly in tears.

Sarah O Keefe, Screen Alliance Wales

WellBeing Facilitator

The WBF’s presence on set as someone the crew knew they could seek out, speak to confidentially and resolve issues with, made a big difference to me as a producer.

Theo Barrowclough, Producer, Scrapper

Psychological Safety Training

I really appreciated the time you spent with us. I found the subject matter and your delivery inspiring. I look forward to introducing this subject to all future projects.

Graeme Douglas, Mountain and Water Safety

WellBeing Facilitator

In a highly stressful, demanding and physically exhausting job on a film or tv set I found it really made a difference to have someone as caring, kind and compassionate on our team, and it set the tone for everyone else’s behaviour towards one another.

Stella Corradi, Director for BBC

WellBeing Facilitator Training

Probably the most engaged and empathetic zoom I have been part of since the pandemic started.

Morgana Melvin, Production Inclusion Manager, Film Fund, BFI

WellBeing Facilitator

I found the WBF presence on set not only calming and reassuring but essential. I have absolutely no doubt that the role of WellBeing Facilitator will become a core member of every crew. It is only a matter of time.

Production Designer, Gini Godwin

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