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WellBeing Facilitators

We can provide a WellBeing Facilitator to support your management cast and crew throughout the entire production process. By championing a positive working culture that promotes mental health and wellbeing, you’ll be creating the best environment for outstanding performance.

What is a WBF?

Your production is in safe hands

Our WBF is an independent, highly trained expert who works closely with producers and crew to support everyone in the creation of a mentally healthy production. WBFs are a visible presence on productions and take an action-based approach that generates real change.

Meeting the industry’s challenges

We know it can be difficult to prioritise thriving, healthy teams amid the environment of tight budgets, short deadlines, long hours and Covid. It’s no easy task to manage the general demands of delivering content in a fast-paced creative environment.

Our WBF is here to support you to overcome these challenges and help you look after your crew so they can flourish and deliver their best work on your production. Whether your production is large or small, we can tailor our support to meet your needs

We are becoming very aware of the importance of ensuring the well-being of staff and contributors on TV productions that are becoming increasingly ambitious with dwindling budgets. Productions that require a high level of care and support need to be identified early on, and funding for WBF and other means of support should be available early in pre-production, and throughout post-production.

Darlun TV

Supporting your production


Duty of Care – we will help you put reasonable and prudent steps in place to ensure you are enacting your legal duty of care across your production.

A Mental Health Stress Risk Assessment – creating a welfare map across your production chain to ensure you take the best steps to protect your people.

Guidance on the overall welfare of the production including crew, cast, contributors.

Setting up of a best practice mentally healthy production.


Supporting leadership teams in the active implementation of wellbeing and welfare strategies.

Supporting all crew, cast, contributors.

De-escalation approaches toward bullying, harassment and conflict.

Support for challenges related to implementing diversity, equity and inclusion values.


Ensuring post team receive equal care and support.

Advising around repeated viewing and exposure to sensitive or harrowing content.

Broadcast/ Transmission

Care and welfare strategies for cast and contributors to safeguard them for broadcast and transmission.

What to expect

  • Practical advice on best employment practice
  • Increased and healthy performance levels
  • Resolution of challenging situations related to bullying, harassment and interpersonal conflict
  • Advise on mental health risks and safeguarding your workers
  • Active and compassionate support and guidance for your crew
  • Support of vulnerable individuals and contributors


Gain the best performance

  • Establish your company as a best practice, ethical employer
  • Overcome internal challenges to performance
  • Build the resilience and positive wellbeing of your crew
  • Take the best care of your team

Become an active player in the creation of a better industry for all.  Get in touch to find out how our team can help you create a mentally healthy production.

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